“Language Dynamics and Management of Diversity"

Deadline for call for submissions to the ECML´s 4th programme approaching

Applications for the 4th programme of the European Centre for Modern Languages of the Council of Europe “LEARNING THROUGH LANGUAGES: Promoting inclusive, plurilingual and intercultural education” (2012-2015) can still be submitted up until 1 May 2011.

Within the Call, the ECML is seeking two kinds of submissions: proposals for projects relating to one or more of the working areas of the programme and tenders, individual expressions of interest in leading or contributing to projects outlined by the ECML. Applicants should normally be living and working in a member state of the ECML. In certain cases, applications from non-member states as team members (not as coordinators) can be accepted.
Also the Road Show for the promotion for the Call is in its final month. After presentations in Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the ECML is promoting the call in the Netherlands (Leeuwarden, 7-8 April) and the Czech Republic (Prague, 8 April).

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