“Language Dynamics and Management of Diversity"

Training and Mobility

Training and Mobility were a major priority of the DYLAN project and are closely associated with knowledge-production and knowledge-dissemination activities.
The main objectives were:

  • to establish a cohesive network of European institutions;
  • to facilitate knowledge transfer between participating institutions;
  • to provide rigorous intellectual and methodological training, enhancing career prospects and increasing the pool of highly qualified individuals;
  • to enhance European cohesion by providing training opportunities and courses.

This included the establishment of procedures and standards for corpus building, transcription and analysis and concerns the comparison between terrains, contexts and activities. Comparative work requires adopting a set of common instruments across research tasks. The establishment of these instruments was be a major contribution of the DYLAN training programme since such instruments for qualitative studies remain largely lacking in the social sciences.

The expertise and experience acquired in the partnership has been applied to training researchers in interdisciplinary approaches to the management of diversity. This promoted the efficient exchange of intellectual and methodological expertise between participating institutions, ensuring wider dissemination of the knowledge and skills that will strengthen the European Research Area. The programme has been organised with the aim of offering opportunities for life long learning, namely, in addition to developing the skills and expertise of new graduates and post docs entering the project, the development of skills of senior scientists will also be addressed.

Individuals gained new skills and expertise by working with an international team, and were trained in problem solving, presentation of results, and compilation of publications. The specific skills required to deliver the objectives of the programme were also developed, with a particular emphasis on operational and interdisciplinary methods and concepts for the management of linguistic diversity.

The DYLAN consortium has foreseen collaborations with institutional fellowships; PhD students involved will be encouraged to participate in relevant DYLAN meetings, in workshops (financed within the frame of the MC fellowships), or in external meetings with an active participation.