“Language Dynamics and Management of Diversity"

New book by Ulrich Ammon

Former DYLAN researcher Ulrich Ammon just released a new book entitled "Die Stellung der deutschen Sprache in der Welt".

It provides an overview of the global position of the German language and its recent history, and also includes a detailed discussion of ways to promote language learning.

More information is available on the editor's website.

Résultats de DYLAN dans le bulletin de l'Académie Suisse des Sciences Humaines et Sociales

Un aperçu des résultats du projet DYLAN a été publié dans le dernier numéro du bulletin de l'Académie Suisse des Sciences Humaines et Sociales.

L'article se trouve à la page 62 du document que vous pouvez télécharger en cliquant ici.

New publication by Barbara Seidlhofer

We are glad to announce the recent publication of Barbara Seidlhofer's book 'Understanding English as a Lingua Franca' (Oxford University Press). For more details please click here!

Nouveau numéro de Langage et Société

On a le plaisir de vous annoncer la parution du nouveau numéro de la revue trimestrelle "Langage et Société", dirigé par le membre associé de DYLAN Alexandre Duchêne et Cécile Canut. Vous pouvez trouver plus d'information dans le document ci-joint.


The Universitat autonoma de Barcelona (UAB) just published web-based information about the assets of plurilingualism in teaching and research. It's largely based on DYLAN outcomes, produced namely by the DYLAN partners from Barcelona (Luci Nussbaum and her group) and Basel (Georges Lüdi and his group).

It's available here, in Català, Castellano, Aranés, English, Euskara, and Galego - enjoy!

Publications, hot of the press

We are glad to announce two recent publications of DYLAN member Prof. Ruth Wodak. Two new and revised 2nd editions in paperback arrived yesterday, hot of the press:

Van Dijk, Teun (ed.) (2011) Discourse Studies. A multidisciplinary Introduction. London: Sage (with free online readings for each chapter)

Delanty, Gerard, Wodak, Ruth & Jones, Paul (eds.)(2011) Identity, Belonging and Migration. Liverpool: Univ. of Liverpool Press.

Lingua Franca: Chimera or Reality?

The European Commission's directorate general for translation (DGT) recently published a study entitled "Lingua Franca: Chimera or Reality?" It includes three interviews, one with Phliippe van Parijs, one with François Grin (DYLAN deputy coordinator), and one with Wolfgang Mackiewicz (Chair of the DYLAN advisory board). The study can be downloaded here.

The Journal of Language Policy

The Journal of Language and Politics (JLP) represents a forum for analysing and discussing the various dimensions in the interplay of language and politics. DYLAN WP2 Manager Ruth Wodak is the co-editor while WP5 Manager Michal Krzyżanowski is co-associated editor.
If you whish to contribute to this publications or if you just want more information, the new flyer is now available and can be downloaded here.

New volume of "Sociolinguistica"

We would like to inform you that a new issue of the trilingual journal "Sociolinguistica" is out. You will find more information on the publisher's website.

New book by Michal Krzyzanowsky

We are happy to announce you this new publication by DYLAN WP5 Manager Michal Krzyzanowski. This book looks at the discursive construction of European identities in a variety of institutional and non-institutional contexts and through a variety of social and political actors. Its multilevel and interdisciplinary approach - rooted in the Discourse-Historical tradition of Critical Discourse Analysis - allows for a comparison of identity constructions at different levels of Europe's social and political organisation and in different modes of communication. The book analyses discourses as diverse as those of the EU politicians, of Europe's national media as well as of migrants living in Europe. It offers a set of integrated models and analytical procedures which bring to the fore the inherent dynamism and complexity of both 'bottom-up' and 'top-down' European identity constructions.
You will find more information here.

The SAGE Handbook of Sociolinguistics

The SAGE Handbook of Sociolinguistics will be published soon. Directed by University of Lancaster Ruth Wodak, Barbara Johnstone & Paul E Kerswill, it also contains contributions from DYLAN Coordinators Anne-Claude Berthoud and Georges Lüdi.
More information are available here.

Mehrsprachigkeit aus der Perspektive zweier EU-Projekte: DYLAN meets LINEE

We are glad to announce this recent publication directed by University of Vienna researchers Cornelia Hülmbauer, Eva Vetter & Heike Böhringer,and based on a workshop at the 36th Österreichische Linguistiktagung (ÖLT) in Vienna.
Within this book you will find contributions by several DYLAN members such as Barbara Seidlhofer (UNIVIE), Ulrike Vogl (FUB), Michal Krzyzanowski & Ruth Wodak (LANCS).
You will find more details here.

The Economics of the Multilingual Workplace

DYLAN WP4 Manager François Grin is the co-author of this new publication (in collaboration with Claudio Sfreddo and François Vaillancourt), which proposes a path-breaking study of the economics of multilingualism at work, proposing a systematic approach to the identification and measurement of the ways in which language skills and economic performance are related. If you are interested, more information and an order form can be found by downloading this PDF file.

Contribution by Rita Franceschini in "The Exploration of Multilingualism"

We would like to congratulate Professor Rita Franceschini of Libera Università di Bolzano / Freie Universität Bozen on contributing a chapter on "The genesis and development of research in multilingualism" to the book "The Exploration of Multilingualism", edited by Larissa Aronin (University of Haifa) and Britta Hufeisen (Danmarks Tekniske Universitet). The chapter draws on the work of the European Commission's High Level Group on Multilingualism, of which Professor Franceschini was a member.

LINEE Newsletter - Language and Economy

We would like to announce that the LINEE Network of Excellence latest newsletter is now available. It is focused on the project's thematic area of the project "Language and Economy" and can be downloaded directly on the LINEE website.

New book by Alexandre Duchêne

We are glad to announce you a new publication made by DYLAN Associated Member Alexandre Duchêne: "Ideologies across nations - the construction of linguistic minorities at the United Nations". TO have a complete overview of this book, download the attached PDF document.

LINEE Newsletter - Multilingualism and education

The LINEE network of excellence has recently published again a periodic newsletter. It may be downloaded directly from the LINEE website, by clicking here.

New Book: The European Public Sphere and the Media - Europe in Crisis

 This book - edited by Anna Triandafyllidou, Ruth Wodak, and Michał Krzyżanowski - contributes to the theoretical and policy debates on the existence and development of a European public sphere. It presents a critical discussion of the links between media, history and politics in Europe by looking at the re-organization of ideological and political determinants (such as Left-Right or East-West) and debating the existence of a European editorial culture. The volume also examines how international crises have been debated in national media in Europe throughout the post war period. It looks empirically at the national media coverage of eight crisis events: the 1956 revolution in Budapest, the building of the Berlin Wall in 1961, the May 1968 youth revolt in Paris, the events of August 1968 in Prague, the declaration of a state of war in Poland in 1981, the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the outbreak of the Second Gulf War in 2003 and the Mohammed cartoons crisis in 2006.

English Language - description, variation and context

WP2 Manager Ruth Wodak is one of the five editors of the new publication "English Language - description, variation and context". This wide ranging and research-led introductory textbook not only presents the English language from multiple perspectives, but provides the reader with the necessary grounding in linguistics to investigate it for themselves.
To learn more, download this PDF document with all further information.

Methods of Critical Discourse Analysis 2nd Edition

Ruth Wodak's Methods of Critical Discourse Analysis provides a concise, comprehensible and thoroughly up-to-date introduction to CDA, appropriate for both novice and experienced researchers.

This new edition has been updated throughout, with a new introduction contextualizing the development of the CDA approach, and two entirely new chapters on the 'social actor approach' to CDA and the use of quantitative corpus linguistic methods. The editors have brought together contributions from leading experts in the field, who each introduce their own approaches to CDA. Examples are included throughout, demonstrating the value of the method in analyzing a variety of genres of written material on a whole range of topics, including global warming, leadership in management, and globalization.

This book will be of great interest to students and researchers in linguistics, sociology and psychology interested in interdisciplinary approaches to coping with topical social problems.

A user-friendly guide for the use of Slovene language in EU institutions, by the University of Ljubljana.

We would like to announce a recent publication made by the Slovene partners of DYLAN. University of Ljubljana scholars Marko Stabej, Mojca Stritar and Jordi Magrinya are three of the 5 authors of this user-friendly guide for the use of Slovene language in EU institutions which was written at the request of Slovene authorities. The short manual, partly based on DYLAN findings, is aimed at Slovene civil servants working in the Council and Parliament. It incorporates both the governmental experience in EU procedures and the results of its analysis carried out by the Ljubljana team, conducted within the DYLAN project. 

Short news in Slovene about the publication can be found here: 

The publication can be downloaded here: 

"The Discourse of Politics in Action" by Ruth Wodak

We are happy to announce a new publication by Workpackage 2 Manager Ruth Wodak. The University of Lancaster scholar presents a book entitled "The Discourse of Politics in Action. Politics as Usual". Here you can find more information.

New Publication by Michal Krzyzanowski

A new book entitled “Discourse and Transformation in Central and Eastern Europe”, co-edited by Aleksandra Galasinska (University of Wolverhampton, UK) and Michal Krzyzanowski (Lancaster University and DYLAN WP2 and WP5), has just been published. The  volume explores the discursive construction of post-1989 social change in Central and Eastern Europe. Encompassing a set of national case studies on countries such as Czech Republic, former East-Germany, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia or other Balkan states, the volume explores processes of post-communist transformation from the point of view of accelerating and unique dynamics of linguistic and discursive practices. Providing in-depth, systematic analysis of discourse in different situations, contributions to the volume analyse diverse forms of social, political, cultural, economic or institutional transformation in post-communist contexts. The analysis points to several differences and similarities between ways in which discourse influences the unprecedented social change across Central and Eastern Europe. Further information available from Palgrave Macmillan (link: http://www.palgrave.com/products/title.aspx?PID=278712).  

New Publication by Michal Krzyzanowski and Ruth Wodak

DYLAN Researchers Michal Krzyzanowski and Ruth Wodak (both Lancaster University and WP5 and WP2 Managers) have published a new book entitled “The Politics of Exclusion: Debating Migration in Austria”. This important book aims to provide understanding of the many socio-political and historical processes involved in expressions of institutional and individual racism—processes which are not necessarily evident from more overt or traditional expressions of racism. This is an innovative look at the political study of language and discourse as well as new instances of race, ethnicity, and class in present-day Europe. Further information available from Transaction Publishers: http://www.transactionpub.com/cgi-bin/transactionpublishers.storefront/4964d8620020c36cea6ec0a80aa50735/Product/View/1&2D4128&2D0836&2D7

Sociolinguistic Symposium 17 Book of Abstracts

We would like to announce the publication of the book of abstracts of the Sociolinguistic Symposium 17 which took place in Amsterdam in April 2008. Once again, DYLAN members played prominent roles with University of Geneva and University of Lancaster professors François Grin and Ruth Wodak being members of the scientific committee and several Dylan researchers (Alexandre Duchêne, Matthias Hüning, Michal Krzyzanowski, Vicky Markaki, Sara Merlino, Lorenza Mondada, Florence Oloff, Véronique Traverso and Ulrike Vogl) presenting their work.

Handbook of Communication in the Public Sphere: a new publication etided by Ruth Wodak & Veronika Koller

We are glad to announce another important publication made by a Dylan project member. Work package 2 manager professor Ruth Wodak and Lancaster University Lecturer in English Language Veronika Koller are the editors of this volume which addresses the controversial access to the public sphere following an interdisciplinary approach. The guiding questions for this collection of articles are therefore: Who has access to the public sphere? How is this access enabled or disabled? Under what conditions is it granted or withheld, and by whom?

Des Situations de Plurilinguisme en Europe Comme Objet d'Histoire

L'équipe de l'Université de Paris III du projet Dylan, conduite par son responsable Patrick Renaud organise un colloque dans le cadre du projet au sujet des "situations de plurilinguisme en Europe comme objet d'histoire". Plusieurs chercheurs de DYLAN seront présent pendant ce colloque de deux jours qui aura lieu le 2 et le 3 juin à l'Institut Hongrois de Paris, parmi lesquels l'équipe de coordination du projet.

Vous pouvez trouver ici plus d'informations au sujet de ce colloque.

Publication by Ruth Wodak and Michal Krzyżanowski

It’s with great pleasure that we announce a publication of two members of the Dylan Consortium: « Qualitative Discourse Analysis in the Social Sciences », edited by Ruth Wodak and Michal Krzyżanowski from Lancaster University is now available.
Here you can find more information about this publication.

The High Level Group on Multilingualism presents its final report

The high-level group of experts, presented its final report on multilingualism in the European Union on 26 September. Read more.

Recent books in DAPSC series

Discourse Approaches to Politics, Society and Culture includes studies that investigate political, social and cultural processes from a linguistic/discourse-analytic point of view. Th e series includes monographs and edited volumes which combine language-based approaches with disciplines concerned with human interaction — disciplines such as political science, international relations, social psychology, social anthropology, sociology, economics, and race and gender studies. For further information please download the list of publications.